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Looks like Castle of Illusion remake is confirmed for Summer 2013 with this latest teaser

First Capcom goes and remakes one of my all time favorite games from my childhood, DuckTales, and now SEGA does pretty much the same thing with Mickey Mouse and the Castle of Illusion.

We've already reported on the cover art appearing last week, but we weren't sure if this would indeed be a complete remake of the original, or rather, would be its own title, just taking place in the same universe.

Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion Toy SoldierAfter watching this very short teaser, which SEGA just tweeted out, it looks like it's indeed going to be a remake. Not much is shown here, however the marching toy soldier enemies from the original game make a short appearance in this teaser, as well as the main villain, Queen Mizrabel. You can see the original toy soldier enemy in this picture.

The end slate also shows the dates of 1990 and 2013, which further proves it might be a straight remake of the original, as that one came out on the SEGA Genesis in the year 1990.

The teaser on YouTube didn't have a name, rather just titled, Summer 2013, which means we'll be seeing Mickey's classic adventure very soon. Aside from appearing on XBLA, which the cover has revealed, no other systems have been confirmed

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