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Looking for those Diablo 3 1.04 Patch Notes? Look No Further


So, 1.04 is just around the corner, and not a moment too soon, as many players have been moving on from Diablo 3 in search of greener pastures. No, that wasn't a Whimseyshire joke. Okay, maybe a little... At any rate, we have the patch notes here for your perusal. Check em out!


  • New System added: Paragon Levels
    • After a player reaches level 60, killing monsters and completing combat challenge streaks (Killing Blow, Massacre, etc) will begin to award experience towards Paragon levels
    • There are 100 Paragon levels
    • Every Paragon level will reward you with:
      = Core stats such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality in amounts = similar to what you'd gain from a normal level
      = 3% Magic Find and 3% Gold Find
    • In addition, a distinctive border will surround your character portrait in the in-game party frame to denote your Paragon progression, with a new frame earned after every ten levels. Your Paragon level will also be visible to other players wherever your normal level is shown.
  • Pets with passive life regeneration (most notably Followers, Zombie Dogs, and Gargantuans) have had their life regeneration greatly increased from levels 30-60
  • Nephalem Valor now grants +15% Bonus Experience per stack, as well as +15% to Magic Find and Gold Find
  • Magic Find will now cap at 300% (Nephalem Valor bonuses will still stack beyond this cap)
  • Magic Find is no longer averaged among all players in a multiplayer game
  • Players can now disable or enable music in the Sound Options
  • Additional Sound Options including Sound Output and Speaker Setup has been added
  • A new tutorial about "Elective Mode" will now appear when a player enters Nightmare, Hell, or Inferno difficulty for the first time

There's also a number of Auction House changes, most importantly with the ability to search for more than 4 stats on an item!

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