Look! Three whole brand new screens from Okami HD!

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News regarding Okami HD is slowly trickling onto the good ol' internet. Seriously, you know the proper word to use is "trickling" when three new screenshots surface and a kind-hearted freelance games writer considers that newsworthy.

In any case, there they are, three new screens straight from Capcom. The game looks, well, it looks like an HD remake of the incredible Okami. That game will forever hold a special place in my little gamer heart. It was a beautiful blend of Japanese music, wood block art-style graphics, and stellar fantasy action-adventure gameplay.

If you haven't already played Okami, you should definitely watch out for the upcoming HD remake. The digital download will land on the PlayStation Network in Japan for $19.99 on November 1. Still no word on the North American release, but Capcom should be announcing it soon.

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