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Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut is out today

Lone Survivor

After a delay in August, Lone Survivor has finally transitioned to PlayStation 3 and Vita.

Superflat Games' survival-horror game debuted last year for PC, Mac, and Linux. Creator Jasper Byrne said The Director's Cut contains "hundreds of tiny little changes and improvements," which have been integrated into the original game, as well as extra content like New Game Plus and an alternate ending. A new lighting system also better suits the different screens.

"It’s not just a name change," said manager Rob Clarke of Curve Studios, which handled the ports. Byrne and Curve have been working together for over eight months.

"New Game Plus is a crucial part of Lone Survivor, and it’s more than just restarting with a couple of tweaks or with stats left over from an old game," said Clarke. "It presents the game's story in a new way, with new dialogue, changes in puzzles, and a host of new items that can be interacted with and used to modify how the story plays out. Lone Survivor is a game that’s designed to be played multiple times and one that adapts to different types of play, something we think is pretty rare in modern horror games."

The new versions come with cross-buy and cross-play support, all for $13 — so you can switch between your console and your handheld and resume the same file.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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