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Lone Survivor for PS3 and Vita is 'The Director's Cut'

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut

Superflat Games has announced that because of the considerable level of polish, Lone Survivor on PlayStation 3 and Vita is officially The Director's Cut.

"There are hundreds of tiny little changes and improvements," game designer Jasper Byrne wrote on the developer's blog. "It has a lot of new hidden, dark corners. It even looks and sounds pretty different. It is playing great on the Playstation Vita and PlayStation 3, and Curve are doing a great job on the port."

The indie survival-horror game released on PC, Mac, and Linux last year to wide praise. It's due on Sony's platforms in Q3 this year. London-based Curve Studios is handling the ports. That's the same company that helped bring fellow indie hit Thomas Was Alone to PS3 and Vita in April.

"I’ve done so much work on it, constantly for the whole of this year," Byrne wrote. "It’s bigger than I ever expected to be."

The new releases include fresh content, such as two "extensive" sidequests, a different ending, cross-play and cross-buy support (so you get both versions and can switch between them whenever), and a New-Game-Plus mode.

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