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Lone Survivor dev cancels dungeon crawler New Game+ then revives it shortly after


Last month, Lone Survivor creator Jasper Byrne announced that he was bringing his 2D survival horror game Lone Survivor to the Vita. While that was certainly a great piece of news, there was also a distressing reveal: Byrne announced that New Game+, his dungeon crawler inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Demon's Souls, had been canceled.

Byrne cited difficulties in creating the title by himself as the main reason for giving it the ax. I suppose it makes sense, considering how challenging and frustrating it must have been to carry on all that work alone. That said, it was saddening nonetheless.

Thankfully, Byrne has decided to revive New Game+. "F*ck it, I might as well just say it: I'm working on New Game+ again," tweeted the developer, in the process getting indie game fans super stoked once more. "I can't guarantee it's going to work out and get finished, but for now I'm gonna give it my best shot."

New Game+ looks like a really promising project, and now that local co-op and deathmatch modes have been announced, it's definitely got the potential to be quite a robust dungeon crawler. As a big fan of Byrne's games, I can honestly say I'm stupidly excited for New Game+. Bring it on, Mr. Byrne!

[Superflat Games, @JasperByrne]

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