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Lone Survivor coming to PS3 and PS Vita with new content

Lone Survivor

The indie survival-horror experience Lone Survivor was tied to PCs when it released early last year, but today Superflat Games announced that the title is inbound for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

Creator Jasper Byrne expressed his enthusiasm for the ports in a blog post.

"Anyone who knows me or follows my Twitter feed will be aware that I’m a massive Sony fan, and literally play 95 percent of the games I play on my PS3," he wrote. "It’s the console that fits me the best, and it’s the controller I imagine when I’m designing my games: so this really is a dream come true!"

London studio Curve, which handled conversion duties for Thomas Was Alone, is bringing the game to PS3 and Vita. It's too big a task for Byrne even though "Sony are doing great work to reduce the amount of bureaucracy needed to make it possible."

He said, "And of course I’m overseeing it closely at every stage to make sure it looks, sounds, and plays exactly right!"

The new versions will support Trophies, cross-play, and Sony's Cross-Buy initiative. Additional content — like 20 new items, fresh NPC dialogue, two "extensive" side quests, two extra locations, a new piece of music, and a new "Yellow" ending — will be "initially exclusive" to the platforms.

"I’m looking into touch control for movement and inventory use," he wrote. "The idea is that this version really will be enhanced in every way, smoother, nicer to control, with a lot of little extras that don’t change the game itself, just add to it (in fact, almost all of the content is only accessible in … wait for it … NEW GAME+!)."

Byrne said that Lone Survivor took him seven years to "get right," describing the game as David Lynchian psychological horror. Many who have played it have also made comparisons to the moody Silent Hill 2.

"It’s an experiment in making every insignificant fact in the game having an invisible, or murkily visible effect on your outcome, however small," he wrote.

He added, "More than anything, I wanted Lone Survivor to be a game that approaches issues rarely touched on in games — the effects of grief, mental health issues, the examination of drug use and abuse. And, somehow, the stars aligned and the good news is I’m able to keep making games for the foreseeable future, because I really do love it!"

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