Lone Survivor bringing disease and despair to PS3 and PS Vita

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Developer Superflat Games has announced that its stellar survival horror title Lone Survivor is headed to PlayStation 3 and Vita. The port will be handled by Curve Studios which has been behind such hits as Fluidity and Explodemon.

If you played Lone Survivor on Steam then you're probably aware of just how awesome the game is. Creator Jasper Byrne really managed to make something legitimately creepy and compelling.

Lone Survivor is surreal and horrific. It's really the type of game that needs to be experienced with the lights off and either a nice pair of headphones or a sweet speaker system. Certainly the PlayStation 3 and Vita will both be able to meet those requirements for plenty of folks.

No word on when the game will arrive on those systems, but this is good news regardless. If you've yet to play Lone Survivor and you own one of Sony's current platforms, watch out for this one.

[Superflat Games]

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