Lollipop Chainsaw 'School Bus' making its way to PAX East

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Warner Bros. Interactive, in promotion of Lollipop Chainsaw, has taken those terrible memories of the yellow limo dragging you off to school and replaced them sex, blood, and rock n' roll.

The Lollipop Chainsaw bus isn't your typical school bus.  Packed with playable-demos of the game and a pimped out interior featuring leather seats, lockers, and black lights, the Lollipop Chainsaw bus is making its way across the United States in style. 

The next stop for the Lollipop Chainsaw bus will be at PAX East on April 6th.  Be sure to keep a look out for it - it'll be the only bus with blood splattered across the paint and fake body parts stuck in the grill.

In the video below you can watch the artistic team take a rusted old Ford bus and turn it into the ultimate gamer's lounge.

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