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Lollipop Chainsaw feedback taken into consideration for Killer Is Dead


Lollipop Chainsaw was released several weeks ago, and in that time it has managed to receive a bit of a mixed reaction. Several gaming news outlets have welcomed the title with open arms, while others have openly expressed dissatisfaction with the pop zombie experience. GameZone's own Mike Splechta awarded the game a killer 9/10 score in his review, and I couldn't agree more, but there have been several other folks who don't feel the same way.

Speaking to Japanese gaming news site Impress Watch, Kadokawa Games CEO Yoshimi Yasuda said that the publisher is listening to the fans' response and taking it into consideration. Yasuda and Suda51 are looking into what gamers have been saying about Lollipop Chainsaw — the good and the bad — and plan to take all of that feedback to heart with their next project, Killer Is Dead.

Yasuda stated that he appreciates the criticism from fans, which one can only assume is due to the fact that such fan reaction allows publishers and developers to craft a better experience with their subsequent projects. Additionally, the Kadokawa CEO stated that outsider opinions played a part in the development of Lollipop Chainsaw, which means the same will apply for the next project.

Killer Is Dead is the second collaboration between Kadokawa and Grasshopper, and judging from the concept art that surfaced not too long ago, it looks to be a much darker game than previous games from Suda51's studio. Yasuda mentioned that Killer Is Dead is in full swing as far as development is concerned. Here's hoping we get to see more of the game in the near future.


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