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LoL Dominion Mode IP Equal To Summoner’s Rift


During a hands-on demo with League of Legends new gameplay mode, Dominion, it was revealed that this new “capture-point” mode will reward summoners with at least as much IP earned when playing Summoner’s Rift.

When speaking with Technical Designer and mastermind behind Dominion, Richard Hough, he revealed that Dominion’s IP reward will be “at least equal to Summoner’s Rift, if not more.”

He went on to explain, “Roughly 15% of the IP is based on a linear scaling bounty system.” What this means is that if you were to win Dominion in an extremely short time and stomp the other team, you would be rewarded with more of that bounty bonus then if the losing team holds on and it to takes longer. That sliding scale means that while the winning team gets less of that bounty for a long match, the losing team will get more of that 15% bonus by defending longer. In short, if you are going to win, win quickly. If you are going to lose, don’t surrender.

I know that sounds painful considering how frustrating a loss can be, but I can assure you that Dominion is still fun even if you are getting rolled. Plus, unlike the other modes, the Dominion games are made to not last long. My match was roughly 20 minutes and Richard Hough stated that the longest match length to date was “about 27 minutes.” That’s not bad considering you get equal IP to a Summoner’s Rift match that could last 45+ minutes.

All in all, Dominion will take some time getting used to, but it was still really fun. Check back for GameZone’s full preview of this new mode.

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