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Lizard Squad returns to Twitter: 'We have some plans'


Notorious DDoS group Lizard Squad has returned to Twitter, not even a day after their account was suspended.

Lizard Squad rose to national attention this week following a series of DDoS attacks on several video game companies, including Sony (PSN), Riot Games (League of Legends), Sony Online Entertainment (DC Universe Online), and even video game streaming website All the while, the group was using Twitter as its platform to antagonize gamers. It wasn't until yesterday that the group's account was suspended, but seeing as how they weren't technically breaking any of Twitter's Terms of Service, it seems they can return.

So what's the first thing Lizard Squad did since returning to Twitter? Well, looks like they helped get @FamedGod, another user who previously claimed responsibility for PSN's DDoS, suspended. Then they teased "some plans" -- likely more DDoS attacks on video games and Twitch streamers, like Sodapoppin.

All the meanwhile, the Federal Bureau of Investigation continues its own investigation as to uncover the identity of these hackers. While Lizard Squad is still able to use Twitter, it looks like their official website has been seized.

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