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Living up to a New Year's Resolution - Part 2

Saturday, May 1, 2010

(Editor's Note: Mike David is a long-time freelance writer for As part of his New Year's resolution, he vowed to beat one game a month for the span of 2010. This is his second report. Sure, it may seem he's a bit behind, but maybe he will recover and catch up as the second quarter progresses ...)

Living up to a New Year's Resolution - Part 2
By Mike David

That's 2 down and 10 to go

So I actually beat this game during Spring Break for my school. The game is Dead Rising by Capcom and as a self-confessed zombie addict I am actually embarrassed that I had not beaten this game four years ago.


**Spoilers below**

In all fairness, I actually played through the majority of it quite a while ago. A game that involves running around an enormous shopping mall, battling zombies and insane people while trying to uncover the conspiracy that surrounds the game is no small feat. If you are reading this then you know that you must complete the crucial mission objectives that occur to move the story forward. It seems our government inadvertently developed a zombie-producing chemical contained in a wasp's stinger that infected a small town in Mexico while it was being used to experiment on livestock. Fearing an outbreak a government cleanup team effectively firebombed the town. In an act of revenge, two of the townspeople, Carlito and Isabella captured some of the larvae and exacted their revenge on the town of Willamette, Colorado. There is the debate that Isabella did not want to perform the act of zombie terrorism on US soil but Carlito did and, as you find out in the game, has plans to launch even more of the bugs all over the planet.

Fortunately, after several encounters with Carlito and Isabella (along with some really creepy psychos) you turn Isabella to your side and end up stopping the bombs containing the infected larvae from exploding. But this is only part of the games ending problems and coincidentally where I had quit playing all those years ago.

"And you think you have problems."

The helicopter ride you had coming for you after 72 hours ends up getting taken out and while saving Isabella from a butcher who really likes fresh meat, you end up getting a pretty big surprise - Otis, the old guy who sends you on a bunch of other missions, ends up taking all the people you had saved during the course of the game. Throw in the government clean-up team who is running through the mall executing any and everything and you have the makings of a doozy of a climax.

This climax came in the form of you being infected and the title's overtime mode starting up. You have a seriously big problem running through the mall attempting to find the ingredients for a cure. This cure isn't quite what Frank ends up wanting but it does work to stave off the infection. Attempting a last ditch escape, Frank and Isabella end up battling the military operative responsible for the Santa Cabeza fiasco.

Lastly, it is revealed that Frank does get his big story and the Government does concede some responsibility. Isabella's fate is a little more fuzzy as it does not give us any real conclusion.

Dead Rising is a very good game. By today's standards, it does hold up pretty well and provides lots of replayability for a game four years old. In fact, the sequel drops this year in the fourth quarter. The game introduced a more realistic way to deal with a situation like this - meaning, if you were surrounded by all sorts of zombies, you would grab anything and begin swinging. In this game, literally everything is a weapon.  

So with this, number two is in the books.

If you want more information on the Capcom sequel to this game, namely Dead Rising 2, check out this preview.

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