Live the pirate life in Seaworthy

Kickstarter Screenshot - seaworthy

It looks like Mildly Competent Games are going to live up to their name. But they might be making more than just a mildly competent game. They might have a really awesome game on their hands.

Mildly Competent Games consists of two friends in San Francisco trying to break into the indie game scene. They are attempting to do so with a game they've been working on for six months -- Seaworthy.

Seaworthy is a "real-time strategy pirate adventure roguelike ship simulator" -- their words, not mine. It features 16-bit graphics and real-time pirate ship combat. You command your crew on where to go and what to do, outfit your ship, and navigate through an open world of procedurally generated maps and quests. You'll also have to manage moral, tactical and economic decisions as you make sacrifices and risk the lives of your crew. 

There is a Kickstarter for Seaworthy launching soon, and we'll let you know when it launches. This game looks really promising, and I'll definitely be backing it.

For more on Seaworthy, watch the trailer below and visit

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