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Live in Europe? Great! Today you can buy Nintendo's 3DS XL

If you happen to be reading this newspost and you live in Europe, then you can waltz outside to your nearest video game retailer and buy Nintendo's latest 3DS hardware, the 3DS XL. Japan gets it tomorrow, and us in the US have to wait nearly a month until August 19th.

Did I mention that I was jealous? Though it doesn't tout any new upgrades as far as internal hardware goes, it does boast a slight redesign that makes it look, at least in my opinion, way better. Not to mention that gorgeous 4.88 inch screen, which will make gameplay way more enjoyable, and that 3D actually worthwhile.

Though I don't personally have a huge problem with the 3DS' smaller screen, fellow colleague Vito Gesualdi always tells me that he wishes that it was bigger, since a lot of the great detail that gets put into 3DS games gets lost on such a small screen.

You can even check out Vito's 3DS XL hands-on article from SDCC, where he states that everything about the 3DS XL is absolutely better, save for the fact that it still doesn't come with that second circle pad. Come on Nintendo!

For those patient, and willing to skip importing the 3DS XL, you can start saving your money now, as it will cost $199.99 at launch, and will come with a 4GB SD Card, and promises a much longer batter life than its predecessor. It's also worth noting that if you do plan to upgrade to the 3DS XL, and you have purchased games or DLC from the eShop, you might want to hold on to your 3DS before you trade it in, as you'll need to transfer your content licenses from one 3DS to another. Simply saving everything on your SD card won't do the trick.

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