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Live action Dr. Mario episodic medical drama

Is it 1990?  It’s not 1990 is it?  It’s not 1990.  I can’t even remember the last time I played Dr. Mario let alone saw it referenced.  Then out of the blue, ‘The Game Station’ releases this new episodic Dr. Mario web series and suddenly I feel myself engulfed by Gameboy nostalgia.  Luckily for our viewing pleasure, TGS is better at making a Dr. Mario themed show than I ever was at playing the virus eradicating puzzle game.

The show takes a satirical approach to the medical drama genre.  The main character is Dr. Mario who is both troubled by his past, is a pill popper, pushes the limits of his practice, and lastly is a medical genius.  For these reasons, Dr. Mario parallels similar qualities as Dr. House from – House.  Dr. Mario treats and heals patients from a full gambit of video games.  Alongside with his medical staff and team of popular video game characters, the digital world is in good hands.

Or is it?  What happens when Dr. Mario is challenged with healing shell cancer on his oldest rival, Bowser?  Is his hatred for the reptilian villain stronger than his Hippocratic Oath?  Watch as Dr. Mario struggles over his moral compass is high drama situations such as this scenario.  How does one cure a Minecraft creeper?  I’m sure he does a bang up job (my apologies).

There are only two episodes (which can be found at the bottom of this article) but I’m already hooked.  TGS nails the satirical medical drama genre.  It’s good to see so many YouTube personalities working on one project together.  I’ll certainly continue watching these episodes and I’m curious to see how the series pans out.  Check them out NOW!

Episode 1:


Episode 2:

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