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Little Nightmares Goes to TV With a Very Fitting Director

The perfect matching up of show/director is almost unbelievable.

Little Nightmares Goes to TV With a Very Fitting Director

Remember Little Nightmares? It's an indie game from Tarsier Studios that greatly resembles dark children's movies like Nightmare Before Christmas and Coroline. It turns out, the April release is being brought to TV, and the director is none of that Henry Selick, the director of both the inspirations above.

Selick is well known for his unique stop motion work. Working with Tim Burton on The Nightmare Before Christmas, he started his iconic career. He also worked on James and the Giant Peach and even Coraline with Laika Studio.

If you've seen a stop-motion masterpiece, chances are, Selick worked on it. The fact that the Russo Brothers bought the rights to Little Nightmares and put Selick at the helm of a feature is no surprise after the initial shock and excitement sets in. It's unclear whether the adaptation of Little Nightmares will be a TV Movie or a series, but we do know that it's certainly going forward with production.

Little Nightmares is a story about a little girl named Six who must escape from a giant, nightmare filled ship called The Maw. A puzzle platformer filled with ghoulish visuals that would upset a child and an adult alike, Little Nightmares is as unsettling as it is cute in its esthetics. Six even looks like Coraline!

Little Nightmares Goes to TV With a Very Fitting DirectorLittle Nightmares Goes to TV With a Very Fitting Director

Little Nightmares may not have been stop-motion, but the visuals, with matte-skinned, heavily detailed creatures and heavy shadowing on set pieces, it looks like a Tim Burton film brought to life. 

We reviewed Little Nightmares back in April before we heard news of this venture. We kid you not, the subheader for the review reads, "If we could see inside the minds of the kids in Tim Burton film..."

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