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Listen to Animal Crossing music at any time, in Google Chrome

Yes, this is real. Your dreams have come true.


If you were ever looking to be lulled into the serene world of Animal Crossing in your day to day life, now you can. Everything in your world will be less mundane with some soothing background music. A fan-made Google Chrome application can bring these sweet, sweet tunes right into ear-holes.

You have the choice of listening to Animal Forrest + Animal Crossing, New Leaf (or New Leaf snowing), or Wild World + City Folk. You can even opt in on having K.K. Slider to sing you you some of his favorite tunes every Saturday night at 10 PM.

This application is similar to the website that streams Animal Crossing music via an embedded YouTube player. Check out the App on the Chrome web store.

If Animal Crossing music isn't your thing, don't worry there's a Chrome extension that plays NES, SNES, Genisis, Game Boy, Nintendo DS, Saturn and Dreamcast chiptunes. The Salty Game Music Player has songs from Super Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Final Fantasy and more -- you can browse all the available game songs here

Happy browsing!

[Chrome Web Store via Polygon]

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