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Lindsey Stirling just might be the Child of Light in her new music video


I hide nothing, I’m a fan of Lindsey Stirling. As a gamer, I tend to like her songs that are game related covers. While this is a variation, instrumental, orchestrated, version of her Shatter Me track - the cosplay can’t be denied. Lindsey is definitely dressed like Aurora from Child of Light and absolutely rocks it in her true unique style.

I’m going to go ahead and say there is a fair amount of frolicking in this video. I’m not sure you’ll be able to look at Aurora the same after watching this video and I mean that as complementary as possible. Check out the video below and bless those ears of yours. 

Andrew Clouther Human, historian, teacher, writer, reviewer, gamer, League of Pralay, Persona fanboy, and GameZone paragon - no super powers as of yet. Message me on the Twitters: @AndrewC_GZ
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