Limited Edition Plants vs. Zombies Skullcandy earbuds now available

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Protecting your ears from zombie nibbles is no silly thing. You need your ears!

Skullcandy is coming to the rescue with their Limited Edition Plants vs. Zombies earbuds. While these earbuds will only really cover your ear-hole...that’s more than enough coverage (especially if you’re a female warrior).

The Limited Edition earbuds come with a couple things protect you on your travels:

  • Supreme Sound technology, which has attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs;

  • MIC1, an integrated one-button in-line control toggle providing mic clarity and device control;

  • Interchangeable silicone gel tips for a more custom in-ear fit;

  • Flat audio cable designed to eliminate tangling; and

  • Plants vs. Zombies special edition customizations, including, iconic zombie imagery on the Ink’d 2 baffles, unique deep purple cables with green highlights and classic Plants vs. Zombies packaging.

So, there you have it! If Skullcandy just won your heart you can check out them out in the official store here.

Are you going to get in on the PvZ headset? Let me know!

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