Limbo Lands on PSN, PC Later This Summer

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One of the games I'm most stoked to download from the PlayStation Network is Limbo. Recently, we've been reporting minor tidbits of information about Playdead's dark puzzle platformer. The game was already confirmed by the indie developer, and now we have a release date to go along with the news.

According to Playdead, Limbo will launch for the PlayStation Network almost exactly one year after its original Xbox Live Arcade release. The game will land in North America on July 19 (under two weeks) and in Europe on July 20. The Japanese digital launch of the game is currently unknown but will be announced at a later time.

Additionally, those of you were looking forward to playing the game on Steam will be happy to learn that the digital download platform won't be too far behind. Expect Limbo to hit the PC on August 2. Oh, and for those of you who dig video game soundtracks, iTunes will feature the game's musical score beginning July 11.

So there you have it, folks. Limbo will be dropping on PlayStation 3 and PC fairly soon. I'm really looking forward to finally playing this game. How many of you will also be day one buyers?

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