Limbo now available on Mac Steam store, plus SteamPlay!

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Back in late December, developer Playdead made its impressive puzzle platformer Limbo available for Mac. That was awesome news in and of itself, but now there's even more great news. Limbo has just been released for Mac on Steam.

The annoucement was made on the Steam site, and this certainly means nothing but good news. In case you may be unaware of how SteamPlay works, it pretty much allows players to buy a game once and play it across Mac computers and PCs. Nifty indeed!

Limbo was one of the best games of 2010 when it launched on Xbox Live Arcade, and it delivered a dark and haunting puzzle platforming experience on the Xbox 360. The game saw ports on the PlayStation Network, Steam, and Mac in 2011, bringing its impressive gameplay to those platforms. Now that Limbo is available for SteamPlay, it's likely to reach even more gamers.

It's great to see Limbo getting releases on multiple platforms. The game was already a success on the Xbox 360, so it should be interesting seeing how far it goes now. Will Playdead bring the game to other systems? Can we expect 3DS, Vita, and iPhone / iPad ports down the road?

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