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Lima Sky Withdraws Doodle Claim on App Store


Well, that didn't take long. Yesterday we reported on warnings on developer Lima Sky's part urging other devs to refrain from using the word "doodle" in their games. This resulted in another developer attempting to fight Apple and Lima Sky on the matter. Thankfully, no one is going to have to go to blows or, at the very least, court, because Lima Sky's Igor Pusenjak has withdrawn his copyright claims.

Pusenjak released a statement defending himself from his detractors and mentioning that "there was absolutely no rush to call a game 'Doodle Something' until Doodle Jump became famous." He also stated that terms such as "apple" and "memory" have all been trademarked, so as strange as it may sound to some people, single words can be trademarked to avoid piracy as well as consumer confusion.

"At the end of the day, I am a game developer, just like many of you," stated Pusenjak. "I want to spend my days creating games, and not dealing with the legal issues."


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