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Life is Strange is about to start giving away its first episode for free

An even better reason to start playing the game if you haven't already

If you are one of the few that heard all the great things about Life is Strange from pretty much everyone you know, but just kinda threw it on the "I'll get to it someday" pile (like me), that day might be closer than you think. A video was posted on the official Life is Strange YouTube channel announcing that the game's first episode, Chrysalis, will be free to play on all platforms starting tomorrow, July 21st, 2016.

The game's Publisher, Square Enix has said that the change is indefinite.

You still have to purchase the game's Season Pass to gain access to the rest of the episodes, but it is now slightly cheaper as you only have to invest $16.99 instead of $19.99 unless you are patient and wait for a Steam/Deals With Gold/PSN sale. 

Life is Strange made a huge impact when it released last year and went on to win the BAFTA Award for Best Story as well as Games for Impact at The Game Awards 2015. Suffice it to say, if you haven't even touched Life is Strange, you have little excuse not to as of tomorrow.

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