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Life is just better with Weird Al

Life is just better with Weird Al

Weird Al Yankovic released what is presumed to be his final album this week. Don’t worry, though; he’s still making music, but he’ll embrace a single/EP focused released in order to compete with YouTube artists.

“Mandatory Fun” features amazing parodies of “Blurred Lines,” “Royals,” “Happy,” and several others. The issue that immediately rises, though, is the relevance of the songs. They already had their breakout moments some time ago; “Blurred Lines” has been polluting the airways for what feels like a year, yet Weird Al is only getting to unleash the absolutely spectacular “Word Crimes” now, risking relevance in the process. This is an issue that South Park doesn't suffer due to its incredibly speedy turnaround process. It's also something that Weird Al may be turning to: with his record contract over, he'll focus on those singles and EPs, allowing his songs to stay relevant in the spotlight. 

In addition, we'll get more Weird Al at a far more frequent rate. If anything, we've been spoiled recently.

Throughout the week, Weird Al has been releasing one of eight videos from his album, each one more magical than the last. The man has found a way to stay relevant despite debuting in 1983. He’s succeeded in a genre where others have not. Most importantly, though, is the fact that he’s able to bring a smile to the face of many.

Are we going to have in depth conversations about the lyrics of a Weird Al song? No. Are we going to throw our arms up in the air regarding controversy? Absolutely not. Are we going to have a good time listening to his singles? You damn better believe we will.

Sometimes all you want to do is relax and have some fun. Some, dare I say, mandatory fun. So here’s to you, Weird Al Yankovic, for giving us that dose of fun. Let’s hope you keep the hits coming.

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