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Lexis Numerique: "AMY is hard, not bad"


AMY sucks.

If you've been keeping up with the latest video game reviews, then you're probably aware that AMY, the downloadable survival horror title from Lexis Numerique, failed to deliver the goods. It's a shame, too, because many gamers (myself included) had high hopes for the game. Sadly, a laundry list of problems plagued the experience from start to finish, making it a total pain in the butt to play.

Of course, certain developers don't always have an easy time admitting to failure. Lexis Numerique has taken to Facebook in defense of AMY, which launched for the PlayStation Network today. According to the developer, it's not that the game's bad. No, that's not the case at all. In actuality, the game is just really, really hard. Oh, so that's it.

"As many of you have already heard, AMY is a HARD game," claims the developer. "Some people totally disliked that while other[s] really enjoyed it. We believe this is part of the survival experience we tried to build as we wanted the game to be challenging. However, we actively listen to the community and comments and hence recommend the non-hard core gamers to launch the game in EASY mode (in the settings) for now."

Lexis Numerique went on to say that what mattered most was what the "fans" thought. According to the studio, the fans have been praising the game and user reviews are positive. Oh, well as long as the "fans" like it ... wait a minute ... I've been sifting through the comments on that Facebook post, and you know what I gathered from them? AMY sucks!

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