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Lexicon Entertainment And Tri Synergy Announce 'Aurora: The Secret Within' For North American Release

April 22, 2008

Lexicon Entertainment And Tri Synergy Announce 'Aurora: The Secret Within' For North American Release

Video games publishers Lexicon Entertainment and Tri Synergy are pleased to announce the publishing of Aurora: The Secret Within for North American release.

Aurora: The Secret Within is a classic point and click adventure developed by talented Italian developer BluMail Studios and was hugely successful in Europe and Asia and published by Lexicon Entertainment.

Chris Allcroft, President of Publishing for Lexicon Entertainment quoted “This is a great opportunity for North American consumers to get the chance to play this classic point and click adventure and we are delighted that Tri Synergy has taken the opportunity to publish ‘Aurora: The Secret Within’

Story: Roswell 1950, and a sensational rumour from the US Army has surfaced. A flying saucer has crashed near Roswell. While this unbelievable event is broadcasting, the detective Pileggi falls into a mysterious case about the vanishing of a local farmer. During the investigation, he will discover that his reality has always been an illusion. The Pentagon has been leading people to believe that Area 51 has been hiding projects about supersonic airplanes or alien technologies. The truth however is that the base was developed for a secret project called Aurora. A secret project developed for time travel.......

Features Include:

  • 40 noir's placing within New Mexico

  • 3D rooms exploration

  • Original soundtrack and audio effects

  • 3D interactive animated characters

  • Logical, mathematical riddles and puzzles that gradually get harder

  • Multiple choices dialogues, influencing the story

  • 3D cut scene movies

  • Multiple endings

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