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Levine: BioShock Infinite DLC will 'be a real love letter to the fans'

BioShock Infinite - Elizabeth Fearful of Comstock

In an interview with NBC News’ Todd Kenreck, Irrational Games’ co-founder and lead game designer Ken Levine talked quite briefly about BioShock Infinite’s downloadable content. In this interview he said, “We’re working on the DLC, we just started on that and I think that’s going to be a real love letter to the fans.”

Spoilers Ahead

While Levine doesn’t go any further with this statement, all there is left to do is to speculate about that “a real love letter to the fans.” Could this possibly mean more Rapture? Possibly an adventure into Fink’s process of learning from Plasmids and Big Daddies? What could Booker discover in the factory about the history of the technology grab? That would be pretty damn awesome. I’d play the hell out of that.

Other possibilities could contain playing DeWitt during the Vox Populi revolution – sure you may die at the end… but how? That will be one hell of a ride. There are so many dimensions and so many possibilities. While I see no reason to change the ending whatsoever, there is so much room to expand upon the story, setting, and lore. Dare I say… infinite possibilities?

I want to know what this DLC will be and I want it now. Can you even imagine if it’s a longer trip into Rapture…    


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