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Let Atlus Ruin your Friendships with Dokapon Kingdom for Wii, PS2

June 3, 2008

Let Atlus Ruin your Friendships with Dokapon Kingdom for Wii, PS2

Friendships are like flowers: delicate, and in need of constant tending to. Good thing a game is coming to completely obliterate those pesky ties that bind.

Atlus is proud to announce Dokapon Kingdom for Wii and PlayStation 2, an innovative and addictive mix of RPG, party, and board gaming.

Atlus are calling Dokapon Kingdom the "Friendship-Destroying game," and for good reason. The path to victory involves battling, stealing from, and defacing your foes (i.e., playing dirty is the name of the game). Over the coming weeks, they'll show us exactly how the game plays, and treat you to a sampling of the game's various modes and features.

Unlike most multiplayer-centric games, Dokapon Kingdom is as fun to play alone as it is with a group, a testament to the surprisingly deep RPG elements, such as the ability to level and tweak your stats, acquire new weapons and equipment, and explore cavernous dungeons in search of treasure!

The Kingdom of Dokapon is a land of wealth and riches ruled by a gold-loving King and his daughter Princess Penny. One day, monsters begin appearing all over the realm, assaulting the towns and stealing all of the empire’s wealth. The King, unable to collect taxes from his impoverished citizens, calls for heroes from across the land to come and rid his monarchy of these monsters. The prize for the hero who is able to free the land: The hand of Princess Penny and rule of the Kingdom itself!

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