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Let the Queen of the Beggars introduce you the city of Thief

Each of these Thief trailers attached to the “Stories of the City” series will take place from the perspective of a different character. Square Enix’s newest addition to this series, Part 2, features the Queen of Beggars. This creepy lady claims she is as old as the city itself. Although she is the lowest layer of society, she is a powerful figure in the social world. Through diplomacy and wisdom, she heavily influences the underworld.

To quote the good queen:

“Let me tell you about the City. We both know a thing or two about survival. We have grown old together. Time and again it has been brought down, only to rise from its own ashes. But this time is different. The balance has shifted; There will be blood. Seeping, oozing; bleeding from every artery in this city. But still… there is one who may yet be the key. One who fears the light inside him as much as the darkness. Yes… He will do nicely”

I can only assume the “one” in her speech is out protagonist Garrett. Through the imagery shown in the trailer above, it seems that the Queen of Beggars values Garrett as a dark knight. Make an opinion for yourself and watch the trailer above.

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