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Let's Play: Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta, Hunter and Crash Site

I remember when the first Crysis came out back in 2007. You needed a super computer to run it. At the time, that was NOT the case for me. I remember watching my friend play – changing modes in that Nanosuit of his, picking up people, throwing them a million feet, and then going stealth to harass someone else. It looked like a ton of fun, sort of like he was the Predator from Predator.  I never got on board though; once my computer was high tech that ship had sailed from me.

Now with Crysis 3 just around the corner, what better time than now to give it a whirl? Yesterday I loaded up the multiplayer beta and had at it with co-host Matt. We found Matt to be perfect since he’s never played Crysis either. I have to admit, it was a s#$% ton of fun. It felt familiar with controls similar to other FPS titles but new enough where I had to learn what was going on.

The first thing I noticed was how fast and fluid the game runs. To say its fast paced wouldn’t do the title justice. The movement was quick, the jumps were high, there was a bit of parkour, the fire fights were intense, and there was tech up the wahoo. I full on admit I had no idea what I was doing when it came to the matches but by the end of the two available game modes I got the hang of what I was supposed to do.

In Crash Site I ran around, died a bunch, killed a few foes, got pistol killed, ripped panels off the crash pods, and then proceeded to throw said panels at staircases –  I'm pro. Apparently I was supposed to stand near the pods before they explode to get points in a capture and hold mechanic. Then in Hunter Mode, I ran around trying to figuring out what my kit did while getting pelted by arrows from invisible foes breathing down my neck. Apparently it was supposed to be a team activity vs. the invisible archers where you fight back instead of playing pincushion. Whoops.

For having no idea what I was doing, it was still really fun. Now that I got the gist of it, the demo is incredibly fun. What is interesting about this experience, is that I went from Crysis not being on my desire radar at all, to wanting to play more. Well done demo, well done. It’s funny, until yesterday, I never really played demos for games I never showed interest in. ONLY the games I basically knew I was already going to get; Dead Space 3 being the most recent example. TIL the purpose of demos.

If you haven’t’ checked out the Crysis 3 multiplayer demo get it now already on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC for free!

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