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Let’s play: 2013 fail Kerbal Space Program odysseys

Ummm, yea. So… hmmm. Well, under Tony’s ‘strong’ guidance of instruction, Tatiana's ignorance towards the wonders of space travel and ship creation came to the test. Via Kerbal Space Program, this space adventure embarked with wild adventure and horrific tragedy. Much like all the ways of all science experiments, a little trial and error was necessary. The one minor issue with this is that each failure usually ends in the life of a poor Kerbal astronaut. They truly die for their art.

Does Tatiana have what it takes to get Kerbals to Mun? Can Tony guide her to making a half decent space vessel? Is every last Kerbal in danger? Watch the video above to know for sure. Why are most these ships named after cat sounds? Can the curse of Amanda Bynes be broken?

What the f#$% am I talking about? Enjoy.


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