Let's Give It Up For Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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Though they didn't win Game of the Year, or weren't named Game God, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment walked away with eight separate and well deserved VGA awards.

Batman Arkham City took four awards: Best Action Adventure Game, Best Xbox 360 Game, Character of the Year and Best Adapted Video Game. Having played Arkham City myself (and I call blasphemy if you haven't) all of these are definitely deserved. It's almost important to note that Arkham City is one of the highest ranked games this year. Kudos Batma- I mean Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Kudos!

Next up was the downloadable gem Bastion, which took awards for Best Downloadable Game, Best Original Score and Best Song in a Game. We here gave it a 9/10 and it was one of my favorite downloadable games hands down. Sure it might have been a bit simplistic when it came to combat, but the gripping emotional story and that raspy voice that guided you through the entirety of the game made it one very unforgettable experience.

Last but not least was Mortal Kombat, a true return to the fighting game's roots. Mortal Kombat won Best Fighting Game. If you're in need for some cathartic heavy hitting and brutal combat kombat, you owe it to yourself to pick this up if you haven't yet.

What I'm trying to say is, congratulations Warner Bros.


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