Less than a week to go, avoid the BioShock Infinite spoilers

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If you've been waiting years for the arrival of BioShock Infinite and all it has to offer, I suggest you stay off the internet for the next few days. With less than a week to go until the game's eagerly anticipated arrival, the spoiler trolls are coming out of the woodwork to ruin the ending for everyone. Seriously, stay off of Reddit and don't even dare to google "BioShock Infinite." It will only result in heartache.

The community has officially been warned after someone allegedly changed the game's official Wikipedia page to include the ending spoiler. A few hours later, the said spoiler was posted on Reddit. Though people claim it is an actual spoiler, I've yet to play the game -- so I can't really confirm if it's true. Regardless, Reddit is taking the necessary precautions to ensure nothing major is leaked prior to the game's release.

"The moderators are working with Irrational's community manager to find and ban anyone who is intentionally ruining Bioshock: Infinite for other people here on /r/Games," Redditor Pharnaces_II said. "If you want to discuss the leaked information please use proper spoiler tags."

My suggestion? Just stay off the internet until March 26.

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