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Legit Version of The Blocks Cometh Featuring Crossover


Justice is sweet, isn't it? When The Blocks Cometh was literally stolen by some copycat devs and distributed on the iPhone, developer Halfbot didn't have any of it. After a somewhat lengthy process, the fake game was taken down and justice was served.

Halfbot recently submitted the real The Blocks Cometh, and it is currently in the process of popping up on the App Store for gamers to download. However, the developers decided to team up with League of Evil development teams Ravenous Games and Wobly Ware to provide some cool character and environment crossovers in both titles.

When The Blocks Cometh launches for iOS, players will be able to play as characters from League of Evil. Additionally, an update for League of Evil will allow players to adventure through a couple of levels based on The Blocks Cometh.

The foul copycat of The Blocks Cometh originally allowed players to take on the role of a League of Evil character. And while it was certainly weak when the copycat did it, the legit crossover between the two games is undoubtedly awesome.

Watch out for The Blocks Cometh, and stay tuned for the League of Evil update.


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