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'Legendary Gatekeeper Galio' skin coming to League of Legends


Over the weekend Riot Games released artwork for a new legendary skin for Galio, the Sentinel's Sorrow.

Unlike normal skins which usually range in price from 390 to 975 RP, Legendary skins usually carry a price tag of 1820 RP.  These skins usually affect more than just the champion's look.  They often come with new animations or particle effects when using an ability.

Below is the description for the Legendary Gatekeeper Galio skin (via):

Sometimes your travels around the world of Valoran are going to take you on the road to some exotic locales. If you stumble upon this menacing, red version of Galio in your travels, however, the odds are good that you’ve taken a wrong turn – especially if he’s perched on top of a massive, terrifying gate that’s emanating an eerie green glow. Then you might want to consult your cartographer to find out why he plotted you a course to the gates of the underworld before you set off.

Of course, with the Legendary Gatekeeper Galio standing watch, you might just want to be grateful you’re not trapped on the other side.

It's unclear as to when this skin will be available.  Many League of Legends players are still awaiting the arrival of Pulsefire Ezreal.

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