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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough (Part 8) - Earth Temple Keys

Time to find the keys to get into the Earth Temple. The first is found immediately to the left of the temple, dig it up and continue in that direction. You'll find some bomb flowers atop a slope, roll them down the hill towards a scaffolding tower and jump down to get the key from beneath where it stood. Return to the hill in front of the dungeon entrance and find a small cluster of bombs standing there. Roll them off the giant slope to the left and explode the rocks embedded in the side there, then hop over and find the third Earth Temple key. Now go right of the temple through a tunnel, where you'll find the bridge is out. Turn around, then drop over the ledge and shimmy right to continue onwards, then leap off the ledge and grab some ivy to navigate around the bridge gateway. Press the button there to extend the bridge for later.

Soon you'll come across a room too hot for Link to handle! Quickly run in and immediately right to fall down a slope. Stay to the right side and use the vent there to blow up towards a digging spot with a faerie inside. Then jump down onto the right path, pushing left to land on another platform. There will be two vents to your left, wait for both to be active before sailclothing across and digging up the forth key.

Continue down the slope, reaching the bottom. Turn right immediately to find a cave. Inside, use the bomb flow to bomb the blocked lava flow at the front of the cave. Once the lava drains, roll a bomb forward towards the slight slope so that it curves off towards the rock pile. Behind this you'll find a mound of dirt and the last earth temple key. Return to the top using the giant air vent you find, and enter the earth temple!
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