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Back in April, indie developer Almost Human released Legend of Grimrock for PC. The game featured first-person dungeon crawling RPG gameplay, and it launched to a widely positive reaction. Grimrock managed to hark back to old school PC RPGs while still providing an experience that felt totally relevant.

If you have yet to play this delightful title, I would suggest you check it out on this very instant. The digital download site currently has a nice little sale on Grimrock, offering the RPG for 50 percent off. Until July 11, you can snag the game for just $7.49, which is a great price and totally worth it.

The sale lasts until 5:59 AM EDT this Wednesday, so I'd suggest you ponder less and buy more. Think about what you can do with that cash you'll be saving. $7.50 will totally get you seven big bags of potato chips, and a smaller bag of chips to boot!


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