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Legacy Interactive Releases Farm Vet PC Game

January 31, 2008

Legacy Interactive Releases Farm Vet PC Game

Vets Nationwide Contributed Real-Life Animal Health Care Scenarios

Legacy Interactive today released the downloadable version of Farm Vet, a PC simulation game for animal lovers. Vivendi Games will publish a retail version of the game next month. Whether the horse has dislocated its knee or the cow has choked on an apple, players who download Farm Vet can be sure they're getting the real deal. Farm Vet centers around a player character who faces real-life animal care situations in order to build experience and train to become the virtual farm's primary veterinarian by the end of the game. In order to create all of the animal health care situations players experience in the game, the team at Legacy Interactive tapped into a community of veterinarians through online channels.

Tapping Into Vets Nationwide

Veterinarians across the country were asked to submit real-life scenarios and challenges they had faced in their own practices and only the best and most interesting cases were selected. The resulting detailed vet simulations were written by real working vets from their own personal case files. In addition to treating their ailments, players must also provide their basic care including feeding, watering and walking and/or playing with the animals.

"Farm Vet is an informative, interactive case study program that I hope will ignite an interest in animal medicine. The diseases illustrated in this game are carefully researched examples of what are routinely encountered by farm animal veterinarians," said Nampa, Idaho-based veterinarian, Dr. Danielle Wehr. "Young animal lovers and anyone with an interest in medicine or science will love this game."

"We sifted through hundreds of scenarios, and a staggering amount of energy has gone into perfecting each detail of the cases," said Ryan Modjeski, the Farm Vet producer at Legacy Interactive.

Playing the Part of Farm Vet

In Farm Vet, the player character is a young teenager who has taken a job on a farm run by the local veterinarian. The player is challenged with building a thriving, healthy farm and treating enough animal cases to become a full-fledged vet, through the tutelage of the owner and the player's mentor. Players are free to explore and move around the real-time 3D farm environment as they heal sick animals, play fun farm-themed mini-games such as milking, horseback riding and egg collecting, as well as playing with and providing overall care for the animals. As the player gains confidence and has a few cases under their belt, the world expands to include more locations and new mini-games. If each level is completed successfully, the player receives promotions and eventually assumes full control of the farm.

Pricing and Availability

Farm Vet is available now for download at Legacy Interactive's online game channel at for $19.95, and is rated E-10+. Legacy plans to launch a boxed retail version in February 2008 through Vivendi Games.

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