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Left 4 Dead, Binding of Issac 75% off today on Steam


I've gotta say, this Steam Holiday Sale is bleeding me dry, with more and more awesome savings everyday. 75% off seems to be the standard discount across most of today's offerings, which include:

  • Xotic - $2.49
  • The Binding of Issac - $1.24
  • Left 4 Dead / Left 4 Dead 2- $4.99 Apiece (Available together for $7.49)
  • Wasteland Angel - $2.49
  • Total War Series - Various Prices
  • Quake Series - Various Prices
  • Mafia Series - Various Prices
  • Men of War Series - Various Prices

Definitely plenty to like here, depending on your genre of choice. However, the big winners would have to be the Left 4 Dead games and The Binding of Issac. Left 4 Dead is one of those shooters so exciting I cannot fathom someone not already having it in their collection. Meanwhile, The Binding of Issac, from Super Meat Boy co-creator Edmund McMillen, is an awesome Zelda-style dungeon romp with some terrifyingly unsettling imagery. If you were smart you likely already picked this one up during the recent Humble Indie Bundle sale, but if not, a buck and some change is a fine deal. Best of all, both Left 4 Dead and Issac are eligable for holiday achievements, meaning you could win a free game just by playing them! Stop being a scrooge and get yourself some games already!

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