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Learn all about Large Skells in this latest Xenoblade Chronicles X video

They're costly, but oh so worth it

Xenoblade Chronicles X is now less than a month away, and Nintendo has been trickling out various Survival Guides, introducing gamers to the many mechanics found within. In the latest video, we get a good look at Skells, the giant mechs you'll unlock in the game that grant you immense firepower, as well as freedom of exploration.

Being as huge as they are, they'll be able to dispense smaller creatures simply by running over them. Exploration will be made easier by being able to switch to vehicle mode which allows faster traversal, or even a flight mode. However, Skells rely on fuel to be powered, so keep that in mind when you're leisurely flying over continents.

There are also three types of Skells; Light, Medium and Heavy. Light is the best at evasion and fuel conservation, but is the weakest. Medium Skells are less mobile but can carry more fuel and equip heavier weapons. Heavy Skells can use any kinds of weapon, have the most fuel, but suffer in mobility.

The video also covers combat mechanics, Binding enemies, Cockpit Time and more.

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out December 4, 2015 for the Wii U.

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