Leaked Minecon Pictures Show Controls, New Crafting System

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Minecon attendees today got their first chance to play the 360 version of Minecraft. Not surprisingly, the game features special controls which take advantage of the Xbox 360 controller, as seen below.

These controls actually have us thinking we'd love to try using the 360 pad for Minecraft. Maybe Mojang will add joystick support to the game... although having easy access to materials through then number keys is pretty convenient.

More excitingly, the game's new crafting system no longer forces players to check online FAQs for crafting formulas. As can be seen in this admittedly crappy screenshot, the Xbox version features seperate tabs for each item type, spelling out the formula to create even simple items like sticks. For someone like me, who constantly forgets the armor formulas, these sort of thing is exciting, and will hopefully make it into the PC version as well.

Images stolen from @newbreedofnerd - thanks!

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