Leaked Achievements list hints at multiplayer DLC for Crysis 3

Crysis 3 Screenshot - Crysis 3

Fans of Crysis 3's multiplayer will soon have even more reason to play. A list of Xbox 360 Achievements has tipped the presence of upcoming downloadable content, marked to-be-determined (TBD).

Xbox360A posted the list, which contains 10 multiplayer-related Achievements. Crysis 3 is also available on PC and PlayStation 3, so it's likely that the expansion — whatever it is and whenever it arrives — will show up on those platforms as well.

In March, developer Crytek called the game "so far, our masterpiece," so it's not a surprise that the company would want to continue supporting it.

The DLC won't be free, though. It's marked for the price of 250 Microsoft Points.

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