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League of Legends Patch Preview


Riot Games has released a patch preview for the upcoming patch,, to League of Legends. While Phreak doesn't list all of the changes coming in the next patch, he gives us a quick run down of the major changes.

To start it off, Jax is getting a base damage reduction on both Leap Strike and Empower by 15 each. This should help enemies facing Jax early on as he will no longer be able to "abuse laning opponents quite so hard."

Kayle is getting buffed again to help her scale better into late game. Reckoning is getting buffed with more damage amplification. To bring back the hybrid Kayle build, Reckoning is also getting an attack damage ratio.

How annoying is it when a healer just sits back away from the action tossing out heals to their team? Apparently Riot isn't a fan of that either as they are making changes to Nidalee, Sona, Soraka, and Taric. The goal behind the change is to "make these champions have a reason to get into a fight and engage in combat. We like when champions really wanna get in there, not just sit back and toss out heals." I hear ya, Phreak. So what does Riot have in mind?

Nidalee's Primal Surge is getting a higher mana cost and lower AP ratio, making her less sustainable in lane and hurt her late game heal power. However, Javelin Toss is getting a better cooldown and mana cost and a buff to Cougar Form with extra armor, magic resist, and AP ratios.

Soraka is the champion with the most changes this patch. "Soraka should be more about healing at the exact right time and having a huge impact that way as opposed to constantly sustaining her teammates." Starcall is getting a lower cooldown and more magic resistance shred. In the preview video below it looks as though it's becoming a spammable skill. From the video below, it looks like Soraka is more of a buff/debuff support role.

My favorite change this patch is with Taric. While the base cooldown of Taric's heal is going up, attacking an enemy champion will lower the cooldown by 4 seconds instead of 2. This change, combined with an increase to his base attack speed, will push Taric into more of a combat role and less of a role where he "hangs back only casting heals."

Heals are great, but LoL shouldn't be a game where you just sit back and cast heals and I feel this patch effectively fixes that. The problem with the healing role is there is no incentive to get into combat. These new changes will hopefully give healers more survivability and damage output. It should also make them more vulnerable so they don't just sit back and sustain their laning partners.

Check out the full patch preview in the video below.

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