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League of Legends Varus patch previewed

Riot Games has previewed some of the changes coming to League of Legends in the upcoming Varus patch that will not only add a new champion, but a new Spectator mode as well.

Aside from now being able to watch friends in their games, Riot also has a ton of new fixes and tweaks coming including changes to a few Ability Power items and added magic resist to our more tanky support characters.

In this update, Alistar, Nunu, Taric, Leona, and Amumu will all be getting magic resist per level to help them from getting "blown up" in team fights early on.  Master Yi's ult, Highlander, will be getting its duration increased to give Yi better mid-game presence and more ganking power. 

Ryze is getting the most changes thanks to some high level play.  The goal isn't to nerf Ryze completely, but encourage other types of builds that will allow players to choose to play tanky/ap or glass cannon.

Lastly, Riot is is "amping up" a number of Ability Power items.  Deathfire Grasp is gaining more ability power.  Morello's Evil Tome is getting an active effect that reduces in the incoming healing on an enemy champion for a few seconds.  Finally, the total cost of Will of the Ancients is going up, but so is the AP.

Those are the "big" changes coming in this next patch.  I've always been a fan of the Evil Tome, but with this new feature it is even more appealing, especially for supports.  Will of the Ancients has always been another favorite of mine.  Overall, I'm impressed with the changes.  Though, I am a little concerned with Annie completely dominating in the preview video.

If you haven't yet seen Varus, the Arrow of Retribution, I suggest checking out my PAX preview of him.  He's a ton of a fun!

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