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League of Legends Turns Two Years Old


Two years ago, about 50 developers got together and launched what has now become one of the most popular games in the world: League of Legends.  Since it's release two years ago, League of Legends has grown to become a staple in e-sports, offering competitive play in multiple countries. Derived from a Warcraft III custom map, DotA, League of Legends has established itself has one, if not the largest, MOBA game on the market.  Riot's free-to-play business model has blossomed, leading other game develoeprs to take a similar approach with their games.

In celebration of this two-year milestone, Riot Games is throwing a party and releasing a new "Surprise Party Fiddlesticks".  To commemorate two years of pitched intense summoner battling, Riot has brought the festivities to the Fields of Justice, with this new legendary Fiddlesticks skin for only 975 Riot Points.

In two years, League of Legends has not only taken the e-sports scene by force, but has helped mold the MOBA genre with competitive gameplay, innovative game mode, and personal fan interaction.  A few months ago, Riot Games implemented a brand new gameplay mode called 'Dominion'.  This capture-and-hold style of gameplay takes a unique approach to the MOBA genre in the sense that players capture and defent points rather than work to destroy an enemy base.

League of Legends Surprise Party Fiddlesticks

This startling new take on Fiddlesticks will feature:

  • New and sinister sound effects on all of Fiddlesticks’ abilities
  • A shocking new model featuring party hats and balloons
  • Frighteningly festive spell effects

Party balloons and streamers!?  They've got me sold.  Take a look at the Surprise Party Fiddlesticks in-game and see the dazzling streamers and rainbow fireworks in action.  I personally enjoy the obnoxious light on the ground in his ult.

Surprise Party Fiddlesticks

League of Legends 2 year anniversary Fiddle

Fiddlesticks League of legends legendary skin

Happy birthday, League of Legends! And keep up the great work Riot Games.

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