League of Legends’ Tribunal system enters a cocoon state to later hatch as a powerful butterfly

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Riot games has a lot of plans in store for League of Legends’ Tribunal system. This community run form of justice is temporally going off-line for maintenance as it updates into something far greater. As expected, these changes are to make an even more efficient way to combat unsportsmanlike behavior in League.

The system being down doesn’t mean the prison doors have just been opened, there is still a policing system present. This new operation will be liberal with chat bans for a few hours to combat negative behavior. A LeaverBuster will also be present to help assume serious ranked players don’t get screwed in the process.

Both systems are experiments that will play into the new system coming, depending on their success and research provided. Riot’s desire is to spotlight positive behavior and punish those who choose the path of unsportsmanlike conduct. Heeeeeeeeeere’s hoping! 

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