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League of Legends teases either a new champ or new skin


When Ezreal isn’t showing a true display of skill, he’s doing some good ol' fashion archeology work. Riot has teased a League of Legends mystery that even Ez can’t solve. Could this one be his unicorn? The images in the picture hint at a being with large wings and a great sword. Is it angelic? Is it demonic? Do you need a map? All of this is unknown at the moment.

Is that a hand drawn sketch of Lux in the lower left under that sheet of paper? If this does have to do with Lux, maybe it’s some sort of outsider that gave her such arcane power as a youth. Perhaps something that focuses on deception or illusionary magic. The images make whatever the creature is appear ancient. Could it be where the towers come from? Is it just Galio? Unknown. This could all be another part of the Freljord event happening right now. More likely, this is the light’s greatest foe.  

Personally, I think it has a lot to do with that sword symbol. You see it multiple time in the picture of Ez’s desk below. You can see the symbol as the weapon of the creature in the stained glass, the wood carving, papers, and book. I think this creature is the ancient evil from Kayle’s world which she fights. Perhaps Morgana made contact with this creature?  

Hey, everyone. Ezreal here.

Normally, I wouldn't ask for help. I've come across a lot of interesting relics in my travels, but never anything like these.

I've gathered everything on my desk for all of you to take a look. The important thing is that these relics were found all over Runeterra, and they date from different and completely unconnected eras. The thing is… they all share one similarity: they show a dark figure, clearly inhuman, wielding a jagged blade. 

This is a mystery I'm not sure I want solved. From what I can gather so far, this dark figure has been at the center of many bloody conflicts and tales of war.

What do you think? Who is this figure, and what role has he played in Runeterra's history? 

Oh, and if you really want to hear some of the stories about these things… I'll tell them, but some of them aren't pretty.

Knowing Riot, they will probably reveal another image or piece of lore before outright telling us. From Ez's discription, we can rule out angelic. Whatever it is, it has peaked my interest. Check out the image below:

League of Legends - Ezreal Desk Image   


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