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League of Legends Team Builder returns to PBE with some changes


League of Legends' Team Builder feature is returning to the game's Public Beta Environment (PBE) this week with some new additions and a few fixes.

The feature, which provides matchmaking functionality, will be available starting today and tomorrow (2/10 and 2/11) from 1:00-5:00pm PST (21:00-1:00 GMT). Select PBE testers will be able to try out the new feature and provide feedback. So what's different from last week's test?

The following additions have been made for this PBE test:

  • Lobby music has been updated with new layers and smoother transitions.
  • Summoner Spell icons are arranged by level.
  • Improved ready/unready state polish for captains and solos.

The following bugs have been fixed for this PBE test:

  • Fixes have been applied so that invites to Team Builder lobbies behave properly.
  • More to come!

The following features are still turned off or incomplete for this PBE test:

  • Friend Invites from Friends List
  • Dynamic Matchmaking Adjustments
  • Estimated Wait Times
  • Anti-Abuse System

"Team Builder is a complete re-design of Champion Select, which means it’s extremely complicated and there are a lot of changes," Riot Games said. "One of our goals is to keep collaborating with players on this feature, and collect feedback throughout the development process."

Team Builder was first revealed all the way back in October of last year. The matchmaking feature allows you to pick your preferred role and attempts to match you with a group in which you can play that role. It's Riot's attempt at creating a more cooperative Champion Select session in which everyone can play their preferred role. If you've got a team of five with everyone playing their preferred position, it'll likely result in a better experience.

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