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League of Legends sneak peek of Hecarim, the Shadow of War


Riot Games has teased the newest champion to enter League of Legends: Hecarim, the Shadow of War.

We don't know much about the champion yet, but judging from Riot's description, Hecarim looks to be a lance-wielding centaur.

"We here at Riot Games make every effort to ensure that our stable of champions is as diverse as possible. Still, even after the addition of Sejuani to the League of Legends, there are those cavalry enthusiasts out there who would contend that the greatest warriors ride horses," Riot teased. "For you purists, we’d like to propose an alternative point of view. It is our opinion that the most epic warriors are themselves at least 50% equine. And as evidence of this theory it is our pleasure to present Hecarim, the Shadow of War."

Riot describes Hecarim's attacks as "charging headlong into the brunt of the enemy ranks".  So will he be an initiator?  My guess is a bruiser or some type of tanky melee.  Either way, I'm sure we'll get a nice, long look at the new champion at PAX this weekend.  Riot promised to give fans a chance to play some all-new champions at the convention taking place in Boston this weekend.  So expect to hear more about Hecarim, and possibly other upcoming champions, soon.

What would you like to see from Hecarim, the Shadow of War?

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